Commercial Espresso Grinder for Sale-NR1400


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Apr 30, 2017
Albuquerque, NM
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I have a Nuova Ricambi SRL Grinder that was used for a few years at my coffee shop, then we transitioned to more semi-automatic machines due to the learning curve of the average barista. Its hopper is MIA, however the grinder itself is in wonderful condition and in need of a loving home. It is black and stainless steel with a clear hopper for the fresh grounds. It has a portion control for the amount of grounds into your portafilter that is adjustable and and the grind itself is also adjustable. The dial on the right reads 2198. Hoppers for this machine run about $80 and are order able through bregant srl or through a variety of other vendors. Other grinders of the same usage/vintage run about $400, but today I am asking a price of $280.00 AS IS plus shipping, unless you can pick it up from New Mexico. It has been an extremely durable and reliable grinder for many years, but is not essential to our business at this time because we have gone to all automatic machines.

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Following is the reference for the specs of the grinder found on the Bregant SRL website
Bregant srl
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