SOLD: Mobile espresso cart and equipment

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Apr 14, 2016
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Hello everyone,

I’ve been a long-time reader of the Coffee Forums. I especially appreciate John P’s posts and comments. His story of starting out his business with his wife made a big impression on me. I shared his post with my hubby/business partner when we needed a little encouragement in the early stages of opening up our coffee shop.
We started out with this coffee cart and a whole lot of faith and within 8 months, we were able to open our retail shop January of this year:) We are now expanding and opening up a second location, which is why we are selling our mobile business.

Price: $15,000
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

The equipment:

  • Coffee cart. W-30in. L-65in. H-33in. Steel frame on 4 heavy duty locking casters.
  • La Marzocco GS3 manual paddle espresso machine.
  • Mahlkonig K30 Air grinder. Purchased new in May of this year. (The grinder in the photo is not the grinder that will be sold.)
  • Knock box
  • Pitcher rinser
  • ShurFlo water pump w/accumulator and Mavea C300 filtration system.
  • Tandem axle Haulmark enclosed trailer w/rear ramp door.

We are also willing to throw in the 10 X 10 black flame retardant tent with custom built wooden side walls.

*We purchased all equipment new last July.
* In the photos and on the espresso machine is our logo and branding. We will remove these of course after the sale.

(Also, I am happy to offer advice on owning and running a coffee shop/mobile coffee cart, since I now have gained much experience and know what NOT to do. Haha.) :coffee:


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Feb 28, 2008
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Hello "megframpton"

Please post a message here when your coffee cart is sold. That way, people won't keep asking about it and we can close this thread.

Congratulations on your graduation from the coffee cart to a full-blown coffee shop. You must be doing something right!



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Mar 31, 2017
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Interested in mobile espresso cart and equipment for sale.

Hello Megframpton,

Are the espresso cart and equipment still available? Im interested in buying it and would love to hear you advices.
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