Commercial thermal carafe milk jug

When I first started, I bought 3 press-the-button thermal milk jugs (half-n-half, fat-free, soy) without much investigation, believing that few things should be simpler.
All three were reluctant dispensers. After pressing the button, you almost had to tip the jug upside down to get milk out.
This was frustrating after explaining to the 1,000th customer how to pour milk.
So I just bought a new milk jug. The reviews were good.
It arrived today. You press the button and at least this this one pours. Unfortunately, it doesn't shut again unless you press the lid shut.
So my milk will get warm too quickly unless I tell the next 1,000 customers how to shut the lid.
This ain't happening.
Please can someone recommend a decent milk thermal carafe (pref 2 liter) that is suitable for unsupervised customer use?
Thanks for responding.

"my only dislike is its always open"
That sounds like the creamer will get warm quickly.

I was in a rival coffee shop the other day (spying) and saw this one:

It doesn't hold as much creamer as I wanted, but I will accept anything where it opens/pours/closes well.
I also like the fact that it comes with milk/cream/soy/skim "ID socks" that fit over the lever that opens/closes it.
I am going to try it.

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