Commerical Coffee Machines

Hi, I am a senior industrial design student at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana and I am working on a project to design a commercial coffee pot that will produce one cup and samples at a time that does not take 4-5 minutes to produce. I have worked at a coffee shop for over 5 years who specializes in gourmet coffees (we have over 50 types of flavors) but only can brew 3 flavors a day (1 reg, 1 flavor, 1 decaf) with our current machine.

I would like to make a machine that :

+ allows me to produce samples of any flavor of coffee so the customer can taste it before they buy it. (the coffee that we sell is pretty expensive)

+ brews up to 3 different sizes of regular cups of coffee (aside from the sample sizes)

+ grinds the beans when placed in to the machine for the best taste

+ brews the coffee fast and at the correct temperature

+ slim design that allows for easy and minimal cleaning

I am having some problems with trying to figure out if I can brew a cup of optimal tasting coffee with a fast brewing time because i have heard that the coffee needs to brew for at least 4-5 minutes... does this only refer to how big of a pot that it is making?

Will I be able to make a machine that can brew only a small amount of coffee at a time?

What are your ideas on this topic? Anything that you would like to see?

Thanks so much for your help!