Cruising caps for to go lids???

Bean Boy

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Feb 9, 2005
A customer of ours has asked if we know where she can find what she is calling "cruising caps" for her to go lids. Apparently they are cute stickers that cover the holes on a to go lid. Does anyone know where I can find these?


Bean Boy[/b]


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Jun 29, 2004
cruisin caps

Bean Boy
I use them in my drive thru and my customers LOVE them - not only for their function - but they are just plain FUN! I'm the only one in my area using them and people comment on them all the time. I actually have a group of "collectors" that look forward to the season change to see what's new - and many decorate their computers at work with them. At less than a penny each they are well worth it.
Susan in SD


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Aug 11, 2004
Des Moines, Iowa
I know my math sucks but 250 for $5.00 is 2 cents each not including S/H. I know its only 2 cents, but its still not less then a penny!

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