Cuban coffee

There is an excellent Cuban Coffee roastery in Wellington, New Zealand, called Havana Coffee works . They have been around for around since 1990 and only roast Cuban coffee. Was at one of their cafes (Fidels) and was very impressed with the coffee I tried. It seems a pity that you guys in the USA can not et your hands (legally)on Cuban Coffee or of course cigars!!
I see a new advertiser on the site selling Cuban Coffee in America.

I guess we should all know that to mean, Cuban style coffee made from beans sourced in Colombia and/or Brazil and not coffee made from Cuban coffee beans.

Would hate to have the public mislead.

Cuban beans would be available in countries outside of the U.S., though like in Ireland at the beginning of the thread.
I saw a site on one of the banners on here. I went to it because I was interested about it. They said they were in FL and they roasted in the Cuban style but the beans are from some where else.
Could a company like mine make any money selling a Cuban Coffee that was not an established Cuban brand, but rather a Cuban bean/blend? That way it would stay in line with my brand.