De Longhi, Cafe Treviso.


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Apr 8, 2007
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I'm thinking about purchasing a relitively cheap espresso machine. It's a De Longhi, Cafe Treviso. It costs £50.00 which will be just under $100.00 USD.

Is it worth the money, or will it just be a complete waste of cash! It's just a temporary thing until I can afford something decent. Would you recomend I go for it or stick with the french press until I have more cahs?


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Dec 8, 2006
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I think most coffee lovers would be disappointed in the coffee from an inexpensive espresso machine - they simply do not have the required pump/brewing pressure nor accurate brewing temperatures to brew a proper espresso. (Then again, many of us are also disappointed with the coffee from an expensive restaurant.)
You may find that the French press yields a more palatable coffee, and you wind up using the "machine" only to steam foam the milk.

A useful (many tiny increment grind fine-ness adjustment settings), doserless espresso grinder will cost more than your budget. :oops: