Giving up on Keurig, tried stove-top perc, want to try French Press


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Nov 15, 2019
New Jersey
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This morning I extended my initial brew time by 30 seconds for a 4:30 brew time before scooping off the foam and floating grinds. A little more mold than usual, which I liked. I'm going to add another 30 seconds to mae it 5 minutes the next time and see how it comes out. I'll keep an eye out for any added bitterness and dial back the brew time if necessary.


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Jan 27, 2022
Upstate New York
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Before we give up on Keurig - I discovered a hack that greatly improves the taste. I have mentioned it elsewhere in the forums.

You need the kind of Keurig that you put the water in for each cup, so you have total control over everything. Measure 6 OZ of water for each keurig cup. If you are making a mug of coffee make two keurigs of 6 OZ of water each.

I had gotten used to the keurigs that measure the water themselves, and they make mug of coffee but with only one K cup. So the coffee gets kind of lame.

A measured 6 OZ of water per K cup and you will be delighted how good the coffee is.