Decaf espresso that makes crema


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Apr 6, 2014
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I'm finding that caffeine is becoming more an issue lately. Does anybody know of a decaf brand that makes good crema? So far I haven't found any that makes any crema even fresh roasted from my local roaster.
Normally when I find this situation I just use my moka pot. When I expect crema and see just black it's disappointing.
I've been using a bottomless portafilter and normally get massive crema.

Thing I noticed with decaf back in commercial use is regardless of storage, etc. the decaf versions I used from a quality commercial roaster gave me about half the usable shelf of life of 'leaded'... as in the typical coffee I used for espresso really did shine from day 5-6 post roast and might hold OK until about the 2 week point. OTOH the decaf started to peak around day 3-4 post roast and by day 7-8 it was really falling off as in thinner in taste, texture, etc.

Have been roasting my own just for personal consumption, but haven't bothered with any decaf green and don't intend to. I'd say if caffeine is an issue maybe try a half caff version as some roasters offer that or you could buy both and blend yourself to get what you're looking for.

Of course some will go on and on about crema not being important for good espresso, blah blah blah... IMBHO the heavy texture is just as important as taste will ever be. When I see some spooning it off or stirring I take it as they just can't handle the raw nature of quality espresso and have to pacify it somehow just to consume. FWIW I strongly prefer dry (natural) process green and take each batch right around Full City, which gives me some roast notes as well as inherent notes for that origin. That approach done with most dry process gives insanely heavy texture and a muddied taste and I simply live for that. Also dial it in to yield less than 1 oz. in upwards of 70 seconds... 2 sips of 5W-30 sums it up, but anything thinner/weaker is just a waste of coffee in general, bwahaha.
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