Decorating a coffee shop


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Feb 3, 2021
I'm curious to know what decoration you guys would love seeing in a coffee shop.
I'm thinking about an African type of decor:coffeemug:


Dec 9, 2020
African style is just perfect for a fancy coffee shop! What color are the walls? Hope you opted for a light shade, because it is the best option that suits this style. I see it furnished with dark wood elements and warm-colored wall decorations. Also, make sure you have a good lightning! For a more individualized aspect, I would choose some woven basket lamps. For instance, I've got some bamboo pendant lights for my living room from Thai Home Shop, and I'm just in love with them! For african spirit it is exactly what you need! Anyway, can you share with us the final result?
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Apr 2, 2021
How do you take care of them? They're quite pretentious to humidity, aren't they?
The retro and mid-century modern decor will always be very cozy, whatever colors and decade you prefer. These can be neutrals with some copper shades, these can be bold colours like yellow or pink, these can be pastels. Go for mid-century modern furniture, leather chairs, various floor lamps, try reclaimed wood and reclaimed furniture.
Also, check out Blockhouse Coffee & Kitchen website. Interior or food, both are very good.