Deidrich IR3 for sale


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Jul 31, 2007
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Hello everyone,

I am selling my Table top Deidrich IR 3 propane (can be converted to natural gas).

Brushed Stainless skin
Cooling tray agitator
map light

1 year of use with detailed roasting log.
Like new condition.

Positive pressure insulated ducting included--about 10-12 feet plus corner and weather cap

$8k for everything/obo

I am in San Diego and I do not want to deal with crating and shipping it so if you are interested, you will either have to pick it up or have it picked up and crated etc.

If interested, please email: [email protected]
Is this still available?

Chuck, I know you posted this months ago..but does it still happen to be for sale? I am despretely trying to find a Diedrich IR-3 for sale.