FOR SALE: 2002 Diedrich IR-12 - $25,000


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Apr 18, 2021
Denver, CO
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I am selling my 2002 Diedrich IR-12 Coffee Roaster. Local Denver pick up only. I am the second owner and the roaster has seen very little use with only specialty coffees at medium to light roasts. Aside from minor stratches and paint chips, this machine is in excellent condition. A couple of the red switches no longer illuminate (light behind the switch), but this is purely cosmetic. I've consistently cleaned and maintained the roaster, and it has never seen a fire. It is currently set up for propane, but it can be converted to natural gas with a Diedrich kit. Included in the sale is over $5,000 in Selkirk PS flue exhuast pipe, which is the manufacturers recommended exhaust. You must arrange for your own transport. This machine weighs approximately 1,000 lbs. Additional details below.

Upgrades and Misc:
2 original manuals
1 original brochure
Diedrich Data Logging kit - Additional Thermocouples and USB port (I ran Artisan)
Aftermarket Manometer (pictured)
120volt 60hz industrial plug and cable
(2) 10 gallon food grade buckets
(2) 5 gallon food grade buckets
(3) Airscale 5 gallon bucket lids (removes air to limit exposure)
Clamco Bag Sealer
Cooling Drum cleaner
Grease gun
Tons of other small parts
90 degree manifold tee
Drain tee cap
18" adjustable pipe
(4) 42" length pipe
(1) 30" length pipe
(2) 18" length pipe
Pitched Ventilated Roof Thimble (including a 4/12 pitch 24" collar)
Chimney Round Top
(2) 45 degree elbows
Plate support assembly
Custom floormount support for plate assembly

Roaster is fully operational today. Let me know if you want to come out and see it.