Diedrich IR-3 Roaster w Blower for sale; PRICE REDUCED!!


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Feb 22, 2022
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Hi all,
I have a beautiful cherry red Diedrich IR-3 for sale . Originally NG but customized for propane [it is an easy swap if you wanted to go back to NG] , this was used for both coffee [previous owner who has a coffee shop in Chicago] and cacao roasting [myself a chocolatier]. This roaster comes fitted w a Dayton 1TDV4 1650 RPM blower, which is definitely recommended and practically essential for roasting indoors. The unit runs flawlessly , and I used this for the past four years. It has about 170 hours logged by me. The infrared burners are incredible, and precision roasting is certainly achievable w this model. At the same time, the controls allow for incredibly dynamic roasting capabilities and outcomes, with pressure and airflow adjustable switches. Combined w time and amount of beans per roast, the experimentation process can last longer than you might think, because it gets kind of fun honing in and finding what works best for you. It's amazing how one minute difference can affect flavor, all factors otherwise held the same, for example.
The unit is in Chicago and I am attaching photos of it. Comes w the hopper, blower, and galvanized swivel S elbow for connecting to exhaust. I have a perfect [very heavy!] table mount for it as well which is a beast!, black and made of iron, and has a drawer that comes out below, ideal for storing tools, etc beneath. I am asking 13,500 12,000 USD for all included plus shipping. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions about the roaster, etc. Thanks for checking it out! Best, Chocolate Jon
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