DeLonghi disapointment


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Jan 21, 2004
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OK. This is my second electric cafe machine. The previous was a steam driven Braun model I had in Italy for 5 years. 220 volts so, I sold it.
My wife (From Naples Italy) and I (Lived there for six years) are avid cafe drinkers and normaly make it with the traditional stove top type of designe.

We decided to pick up a pump model and grabbed the DeLonghi Bar32 model....

I'd like to think we know how to make cafe' after all these years but, this thing makes in incredibly weak cafe!! We followed the directions, let it heat up, tamp the cafe (Using Kimbo we brought from Italy) but, the result on a short cafe' is just plain weak!

We've tried more cafe, less cafe, more tamping, less tamping but, nothing works. I might as well be going down to Starbucks and ordering one of their espressos wich, anyone who has been to a cafe bar in Itay will tell you, is not cafe.

Our stopve top model uses less cafe and can make 4 good cups of cafe and it only cost 5 Euro!!! This thing ran us 150USD and seems to brew tea!

Any ideas on what we could be doing wrong?? I can't believe that this is all the machine can do.

Thanks for any advice.