Need help with Thermoplan CTS2 (verismo801)


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Aug 8, 2019
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Hi everyone! New here. I've been reading threads on this forum for years, but finally have a need to post.
Maybe someone can help!

We purchased a restaurant that was shut down and iqt came a Thermoplan Black and White CTS2. From what I read , it's the same model as the Starbucks Verismo 801, minus a different eprom. Q

I know the unit worked 3 months ago as the restaurants seller made us some espressos on it and they seemed to taste good. Fast forward 3 months , the restaurant purchase just went through, and we can't get this think to function.

When I plug it in, the unit seems to make a loud buzzing sound. It might last for 5 minutes or so.
The screen keeps saying : "Please rinse" . When I press the rinse button , the machine waits a few seconds, then sounds like it's trying to do something inside next to the hoppers. It makes a loud noise, stops, then it again displays "please rinse". The rinse cycle doesn't happen as I don't hear the water being flushed through it, and it definitely doesn't come out the spout. So it pretty much refuses to work until it is rinsed.

I do have the service card. When I insert it, I can go through it and it gives me different settings to adjust. I didn't adjust anything. I don't have the keys to open the machine. Looks like it takes two different keys. One for the top, and one for the middle part.

I called Bunn customer service, and I did talk to someone. He emailed me a Operational Overview PDF for the Verismo 801, and let me know that if the unit does need parts, he can't do much as it's proprietary information that belongs to Starbucks.. I am confused as mine isn't a Verismo 801, but a Black and White CTS2. I did give him the serial # and he mentioned the machine was originally used at Dominic's at 2006. (Dominic's used to be a Chicago based grocery ).

I will probably call Bunn again and see if they can help me through it.
Does anyone have any experience with these machines? I've seen places that sell parts for the CTS2 online. It would just be easier if I could diagnose it first. I am a pretty handy guy and don't mind getting my hands dirty. Any help is appreciated ! Thanks