delonghi machine


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Nov 23, 2004
hamilton ontario
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i am a new user - just bought a small machine to start and am having trouble making the steamed/foamed milk
any hints? i've tried many sites but still have trouble.
the foam isn't foamy and usually overflows
the steam wand doesn't allow u to use a large enough pitcher etc
maybe just a cheap machine??
any help??


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Nov 1, 2004
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Delonghi sucks best steam machine is by capresso

:D Yes this is true.Never touch a delonghi.You get what you pay for and where you buy it.Capresso model.103 I believe is a fabulous steam machine. It froths well and makes excellent cappucino and lates.It also comes with an excellent instructional video on how to make them with the machine.Makes shitty espresso though becomes you can't make real espresso with steam pressure.To make real espresso you need a pump machine.But do not, I repeat do not ever buy a capresso pump espresso machine.They are no good.For a pump machine I would get a Gaggia or a Saeco.