De'longhi TrueBrew model CAM51035M


New member
Mar 19, 2023
Kelowna BC
Anyone here have one of these?

I just got one yesterday and trying to determine if it is defective or not. It has three settings for coffee strength - light, gold, and bold. I don't like weak coffee, but even on "light" I find the coffee super strong - and I can't really taste a difference between the strengths. As a test I tried to measure the amount of coffee it ground to make a "light" 16 oz cup and it looks like about 32 grams. If I am doing a pour-over, I would generally use about 35 grams for 30 ounces of water. They have an option to add ground coffee and their recommendation is for 21 grams of coffee for 16 oz cup (just a touch stronger than my pour over ratio), so it looks like it is grinding up about 50% more than that - and a pretty fine grind.

I have contacted De'Longhi but there is no customer service until Monday (if I am lucky). Curious to hear other experiences with this machine.