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Feb 28, 2006
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Dear All,

Am brand new as Stevie Wonder once said. I do need help badly.

I am trying to devise a feasibility study for penning a Western style cafe in the heart of Africa. The market is a virgin one and it seems like a very good idea at the moment. I am looking at a location that will house up to 40 customers at any given time. My problems are as follows:

1. I need to think about consumables and how much they will cost. I am thinking cofee, tea, sugar. Basically the basic food supplies to keep the joint running. I was wondering if there is a way to estimate it depending on expected traffic (or at all for that matter). I know that for this I need to have decided on the menu. For now, I know it is going to be strictly cafe type. No embelishments except for soup, salad, fruit salad and toasted sandwitches for the keen on healthy living. I hope you can help.

2. I am trying to decide on an appropriate coffee machine. I know I need a commercial line machine with three or two dispensers. I know I want a reliable make and that I have to take into consideration whether or not there are available service centres in the vicinity. In the meantime, I put my eye on a La Pavoni one. I did contact them with enquiries but I am yet to recieve a response. My budget may be limited. I will not know until I find a sponsor who will get hot under the collar for the idea.

I do appreciate you taking time to read all the above and I thank you in advance for helping.


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Aug 14, 2003
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here is a machine a buddy of mine is starting to seems pretty cool. When you take th top have clearence to get your hand under the boiler :shock: I have never seen as much room to get in and fix things...also it supposedly has the largest boiler on the market right now...anyone use one of these before?