DIY Grinder?


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Oct 24, 2021
Los Angeles
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Hi all,

I have an idea for a project.

This is a longshot, but might as well try this post.

Basically, I'd like to be to build an automated bean grinder system.

The ideal project would be able to:
  • Select from different containers of beans
  • Adjust for a more coarse/fine grind
  • Grind a variable amount of beans
  • Be better insulated for sound than the typical grinder
I could try to tackle the electronics/programming for the project if I could find a suitably DIY-able grinder parts.

This might be an impossible ask, but the ideal part would be a self-contained grinder with maybe a funnel on top and a plastic housing.

With this unicorn of a part, I could:
  • Add multiple bean contains above the grinder the I could move into position with my own motors and electronics.
  • Adjust the grind with a (3D printed?) gear and motor somehow, assuming the coarseness is controlled by a wheel
  • Run the grinder for a programmable number of seconds
  • Soundproof the grinder
  • Maybe output directly to filter coffee machine
  • Add electronic controls
  • Maybe add wifi for control
The advantages:
  • Switch from different beans, including decaf/regular in one device
  • Soundproof grinder
  • Store lots of bean in the device
  • Replace the two grinders I use now:
    • the one I use for decaf (super loud, adjustable grind no longer works)
    • The one I use for regular

The part I'm imagining would be a grinder with a plug and maybe low power wires to control it, set in some kind of generic housing, circular or rectangular.

Anyone heard of such a part?


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Oct 24, 2021
Los Angeles
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After more thought, maybe what I'm picturing exists as a grinder mounted in case that would be generic, that grinder designers/builders could use to make any style of grinder.