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Aug 24, 2012
Lima, Peru
well, i was going to ask for a sample, but 3 month old coffee? i'll pass. sorry to hear about this. she really came across as offering a quality product.


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Feb 28, 2008
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I am shocked. Instead of offering any rebuttal to your claim that 3 month old roasted coffee is too old to cup, or any defense for an 18 month expiration date, you are simply asked to remove your review because it is not good for their business. What is not good for business is requesting a qualified review from someone experienced in coffee on a sample that is stale.

Julia, you could have easily avoided receiving a bad review had you just offered to refund the purchase price for a favorable review. I have no doubt that Alex would have politely declined your offer under such terms, and you would not have to deal with this black eye, so-to-speak. A lot of businesses use this tactic by offering customers who purchase products freebies in exchange for good Yelp! reviews. Yelp! is a consumer review website that is supposedly unbiased...but as I stated, business are able to coax good reviews by offering additional free merchandise or services in exchange for favorable reviews.


The only way a business can avoid an unfavorable review is to consistently supply a good quality product at a good price. Coaxing people to give good reviews in exchange for free merchandise or services is just wrong.

Business owners should take their lumps and deal with the "black-eyes" that they get from unfavorable reviews.

Selling coffee that was roasted three months ago and trying to justify an 18-month expiration date was basically asking for two black eyes. I'm glad Alex wrote an honest review and he didn't back down.


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