Does this seem like a good purchase?


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May 1, 2006
Tucson, AZ
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URL for your opportunity not working

Hey Bassman,

I tried to copy and paste the URL you listed into my browser, to no avail. Maybe you should check it and be sure it works for others. If you can write some of the info about the offer on this thread I will offer you my opinion, for what it is worth.
I have recently opened my own espresso bar and am experiencing the "life change" of this, hehe. (Those of you who have done this remember those first several months.)

Good luck to you!


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Jun 29, 2007
Tampa, FL
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Things to ask this seller

Know your local health codes for mobile food service:

Do you need your appliances to be NSF? If so, is the microwave, fridge, freezer NSF?
What kind of counter space do you have? or Need?
Do you need a three compartment sink for warewashing?

I like that there''s both a reg size fridge and more.

What are the places you intend to use this unit? Are you allowed to park there without a license or how much will you invest in the license?

Will the owner provide the warranties for all electrical/mechanical? Does he have permits that you can purchase along with the unit?

Plan to invest at least 300$ on filters if there is none- and get the espresso machine checked out for buildup or invest in cleaning. This is a thing that can be done a little later, but beware that customers might notice if they''re picky and it could cause problems with your machines.

However, it does seem like a good deal- if all the machines are in good shape. It looks cute, if you don''t have to invest in a new truck to pull it.