drive-thru lane legalities...


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Jul 26, 2008
Hello, I am wondering if anyone has any insights as to what type of rules there are for making a drive-thru \"lane\" onto my commercial property to start a drive-thru coffee bar. It would have to be a single side drive-thru. I feel I may have a great location for a drive through and am wondering how I go about getting a lane for the cars to pull off, are there legalities? Do I just ask city hall what to do ? In Canada a business liscence is $50. I have the property. My husband and I want to make the unit and custom everything inside... Do I just need food and safety certificate if I run my own shop. Does a food health/safety inspection happen even for drive-thru joints? I am sure they must. Do I need to have plumbing or can I carry water out from our house? We have a commercial/res. property and both sides of the property are paved the alley access has a great potecial as it is right off the highway...Just looking for insights as I would love to make this happen....


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Jan 2, 2008
take your planes to your city/ building inspector, and they will tell you what has to be done.buildings and zoning code differ....


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Sep 17, 2008
definitely find out whoever handles zoning. I know in the states and where I live (las vegas) that each county has its own set of rules and guidelines about drive thru lanes. in busy areas you may need up to a 4-5 care cue. meaning you need enough room to line that many cars up, some require medians build in. it could even come down to how close you are to the street itself.
definitely painful but worth it. most people in the planning or zoning division will be very helpful. if they aren’t hang up and try getting hold of another person.

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