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Dropshipper service for your online shop

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I am sorry, i think maybe my last post was not able to be posted. So i am sorry i am not trying to look like spam, i read in other post that there were people interested in dropshipping thats all. Anyway sorry if the last post was not aloud.
Thanks for clarifying that CCafe (Mr. Moderator himself),
I thought I was reading sign language too.

We're only kidding you on your spelling of allowed, we seem to be doing a lot of that lately. Thanks for the info and pm's willis joco. I'll be in touch.
Willis Joco -

Is your roasting company open to the public?
A friend of mine will be visiting Brisbane in a couple of weeks.
Could he stop by to pick up some of your coffees for me to try?
Do the Brazilian and Italian come in 500g bags?
I like the labels on those two, don't change the "X" in Expresso just yet.
It will make a nice addition to my coffee bag Wall of Pain. :D
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no we don't opem to the public. But you can order 500 g bags online at my website. If you register tonight i will change the pricing so you get a discount when you order. Don't order until tomoro so i can change the pricing detail under your registration.

Hope this helps mate.
No need to change pricing. It won't be for a couple more weeks or so that I order anyway.
I will have it sent to a Brisbane address then.
Thanks for the info willis joco, I'll be in touch.