Saeco Xelsis Deluxe SM8785/00 Service Manual Request Please


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Aug 24, 2023
from boston
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Hi, I'm new here and am hoping someone can help me out.

Can anyone please send me the service manual for the Saeco Xelsis Deluxe SM8785/00. Please note, I am looking for the Xelsis SM8 Series service manual not this Xelsis SM7 series service manual . The screens are different, and the firmware is slightly different, and I can only view the debug settings not actually change them. I can't clear the error log, and I am not getting into the correct permissions.

I took the screen off my Xelsis to try to fix a nick, and when i put it back on I am stuck in a "please restart machine" cycle. I am hoping clearing the error code will fix me. I do not want to send this is for service for no reason.