Saeco Magic Deluxe grinder not grinding


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Dec 29, 2023
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My Magic Deluxe (that i have had for a very long time, and has been serviced periodically) is misbehaving.
The grinder has stopped working. It isn't a dosage issue.
When i remove all the beans and clean the grinder, the grinder works, but if i add beans the grinder starts and then slows down and stops. Then it doesn't turn at all and doesn't make any noise.
It looks like the grinder motor is toast (to me). Does that happen? Is there anything else that can fail than can make the grinder motor gutless?
I am remote, so i don't want to bring it to a service centre. I am happy to replace the grinder motor, but i am wondering if they fail, or if there is some other failure that manifests in this way.