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Feb 28, 2008
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Hello again,

I can't take credit for posting the information about the Dunkin Donuts shop at 17 Leslie St., Toronto. That discovery was made by "Cafe Biscotto." I still don't know how he found that address!

Dunkin Coffee in GTA

I can't help with locations for Dunkin Donuts in Canada. I believe they exist, but would be completely choked out by Tim Horton's, which dominates the market there. Tim Horton's Coffee has become iconic in the Canadian landscape. Canadians have much of their national identity tied to Tim Horton's, it seems.

It is much disputed who the roaster of Dunkin Donuts coffee is in the US. NE Coffee would have everybody believe it is them. I believe they did have all the business until several years ago. Now they only have 20% or so. At least that's what Mother Parker's would have you believe. Mother Parkers say they roast 80% in the US for Dunkin.

Of course Mother Parker's is fairly dominant in Canada. I understand that they roast for Tim Horton's there, but not in the US. I believe Timmy's has their own very large and modern roastery in Rochester, NY. But for now, Tim's is using Mother Parker's in Canada.

So, if you can't find Dunkin Donuts coffee in the GTA look for Mother Parker's 100% Arabica at Loblaws. Buy the whole bean pack. Grind it COARSELY, and weigh out about 3.5 oz. for your 64 oz pot. That will come dangerously close to Dunkin.

I know you can find Tim Horton's coffee and donuts in Afghanistan. Perhaps Dunkin Donuts is there too. Enjoy.