Entering the world of roasting

Jan 18, 2008
Alun_evans said:
If I remember rightly Topher has a coffee bean tattoo on one wrist, the rest I am not sure about. I have heard he may have a map of the the worlds coffee origins tattooed somewhere out of the line of sight, complete with the correct curvature of the globe...although that may be a myth :grin: I think that is the one Caffe Biscotto is abit hesitant to ask about!

Ha Alun, you crack me up man.
You're right, there's only one place where a coffee map with the correct curvature of the earth could be tattooed. Ha!

BTW - Alun, welcome to the Members Picture Thread, thanks! I was getting worried that 3ternal's idea wouldn't work in this forum. :D


New member
Jun 29, 2008
You could try searching your local craigslist job postings or visit every roaster within a 100 mile radius, give them your resume and tell them you want to be their apprentice. In the meantime, buy a home roaster and get crackin!