entrepreneurial degree or not?

lauren Imbrockk

New member
Dec 6, 2004
Obviously you can start your own coffee shop without a college in business classes. What are the benefits of having a degree? Does your coffee tend to have a higher success rate or is going to college just an unneccessary waste of money? Any thoughts would be very helpful!


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Jul 8, 2004
It's entirely up to you

School never ends for me and I'm 37, own 3 companies and have zero college training, but I'm also highly self motivated with a high IQ, so it all comes easy to me in many areas,. If you have an opportunity to learn, take it in any way you can, some skills, such as being more eloquent with writing are something that formal training helps, other skills for the most part, they just don't teach in school, and even what they do, is only meant to get you guys caught up to speed 5-10 years ago mentality wise at best, you are still expected to get caught up to date after the fact, and then you can finally actually compete.

In a nutshell, I have to place the question back to you, are you in a position where you have it offered to you pro bono?, if that's the case, do it, if it's a case where you are a single mom and think it's going to be your majic carpet to success, then, I'd say be more hands on and learn what you need as you go along, your faith is false thinking any school, piece of paper or general pay per use program will give you. It's al up to you kids, this means you will make it or break it based entirely upon your own merit, systems come and go, what sets apart the men from the boys is thinking on your feet and taking logical action.