Espresso in a thermos


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Apr 8, 2007
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The coffee at work is rubbish and i'm an espresso drinker. If I put espresso in a thermos will it go bitter or lose it's crema?

I'd probably only put in around 5 shots which would fill up very little of the thermos and this would leave around 1.75 litres of air for the espresso to oxidise with. If I used a very small thermos they'd be less air, would this make a difference.

If none of this would work, how about filling a very small thermos with espresso leaving no room for oxidisation?
Just try it, I think you lose the crema mostly though. The temperature of an espresso is also very important, I always drink it or take the first zip within 2 minutes it left the machine.. So I dont think it works in a thermos, just find out by trying...
Espresso in a thermal server will not work. Espresso is a luxury beverage, ground and brewed to order. The sensory experience is spontaneous, concentrated, transient and only momentarily at its peak of "organoleptic" quality.
The concentrated soluble flavor components in espresso gel and deteriorate rapidly as do the aromatics and the crema.
You might have limited success by making "Cafe Americano" or "Caffe Latte" , since the prompt dilution of the espresso brew into these beverages alters the characteristics of the espresso.
Espress in a Themos

My Neighbor''s Mom-- Full blooded Italian makes wonderful Espresso over the stove and pours into a very small Thin Thermos and holds flavor just fine for say a working day. :) :)