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Oct 16, 2005
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Hello, I dont really know a lot about coffee machines and the associated terminology etc, but I'd be really grateful for a bit of advice on a problem I'm having.

I have for the last few months been very happily using a Gaggia Carezza machine i picked up on Ebay, however recently it seems to have developed a problem. When I put the coffee in (what I think is called) the filterhead and try to brew it as usual, no coffee comes out. I can hear the pump going, and water is coming out but it is just accumulating in the filterhead (and then spills everywhere when I remove it from the machine) and not actually emerging from the bottom as coffee. There are no blockages and no change in the noise the machine is making, and there is no obvious reason why this has started happening.

I can think of only 2 possible explanations - 1) The pump is no longer producing enough pressure to push the water through the coffee; 2) The grind is too coarse or not coarse enough (not sure if this would cause this problem though). I am buying coffee already ground. The flow of coffee started to reduce while I was using one batch of coffee but was still flowing, then when I ran out and started a new batch - which I had as always requested to be ground for an espresso machine - it stopped flowing altogether.

I have since bought a cheapish Delonghi machine again off Ebay and am having exactly the same problem however (with the same batch of coffee), which is very confusing.

Any ideas/suggestions much appreciated!
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Thanks :)
I tried it with another (3rd!) batch of coffee and its fine now - think it must have been the grind.