Espresso optimisation


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Feb 18, 2022
As a newcomer to bean to cup coffee, I would appreciate advice on a small point relating to brewing. I have a Gaggia Classic Pro and, in order to get my coffee mug in under the filter basket, I have to remove the drip tray. I then read that the drop to the bottom of the mug is not ideal for the crema, so I put a small glass container on top of the weighing scales and place the combination on top of the drip tray. That works pretty good but I was just wondering about the "lost" crema when I pour the espresso from the glass container into the 350ml mug (I drink exclusively lattes). Any comments?


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May 11, 2014
Kansas City
Thank you. I use something very similar but when I pour the espresso into my mug there is inevitably a fair amount of crema left in the small glass jug. I am wondering if I am losing more than I'm gaining!
I wouldn't worry about it myself... been using something like this for 15-20 years.