Espresso Truck for Sale


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Oct 28, 2007
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Coffee on the Run!!! People still want their coffee more today than ever and are waiting for YOU to bring it to them. Have the problem of customers in line for their latte, at your fully self contained espresso truck… at a school football game, corporate function or film shoot.

We have a fully customized 1998 Chevy truck, equipped with a two group semi-auto Brasilia, Professional Grinder and knockbox, commercial refrigerator, fully function sink (hot and cold water), clean water and waste tanks, 6000 W generator to run the espresso machine and other electrical appliances (blender), and a bank of rechargeable batteries (powers the refrigerator and grinder).

The truck''s engine has been rebuilt and runs great.

We have enjoyed the ease of using it at corporate functions, private parties, fairs, football games (the lines are really long and the espresso machine just goes and goes and goes), and other events. For us, we have two coffeehouses and we''ve decided to just focus on our restaurants, though we really liked the flexibility it gave us.

Priced ready to move at $27,500. Don’t be the last one to call because this one will not last!

We will train you in the fine art of hot and cold espresso drinks and smoothies.

Located in Los Angeles County, California