Eureka Mignon 500g


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Jun 1, 2010
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Hey Guys,

Just in a bit of a pickle and hoping you coffee experts could help. Regarding the above grinder, I was originaly going to settle for the Eureka in the 25kg, but then decided I wanted to serve more than one type of bean. In this brand of grinder it goes by 25kg then 10kg then 500g. They say that the 500g is only recommended for domestic use. Should I steer clear of putting 3 of these small grinders in my Brasserie/Cafe and go for the bigger ones, or are they reliable in the cafe environment???

Thanks in advance


Eureka Mignon Electronic Grinder

Since 1920 Eureka has been the leader in design and manufacture of coffee grinders for coffee shops and coffee roasters internationally. Thanks to their high quality, precision and reliability, Eureka coffee grinders and grinder-dosers are today the reference standard on coffee grinding in more than 50 countries. The Eureka mini electronic coffee grinder features a 500 gr hopper with automatic temporized grinding. Thanks to the patented micrometric adjustment system, only a simple turn is needed to find the perfect grind setting to suit your coffee machine.