Expired Syrups?


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Mar 21, 2004
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Hope I don't get in trouble for posting this question twice but just trying to get some to see my question.

Does anyone know if syrups go old? I have a lot of syrups that have been opened and some that have not. My business closed and all the syrups have been sitting on my kitchen counter for sometime. Knowing I should have taken care of this before now I didn't and now am hoping I don't regret that. I'd hate to have to throw them out. On some of the bottles there is a best used by date...but even a few of them have the year 2003 on them and my shop wasn't around till 2005 so I have not idea. Tried calling the company but didn't get through. Hopefully someone here might have an idea.

Thank you in advance.
If you closed your business, chances are you no longer have liability insurance. Selling syrups that you are unsure of would not be wise. I would throw away all expired product. I don't know what brand of flavor you have, but the wholesale cost of Torani or Davinci is under $4.00 a bottle. If you have expired stuff, you might get 10 cents on the dollar or $.40 each. If one person got sick from drinking your syrup, it could cost you thousands of dollars in a law suit.