Exprelia Evo (similar to Gaggia Babila) emptying internal drip tray every 3 coffees?


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Jan 10, 2024
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Hi Everybody!

Thought I might see if anybody has any advice? My wife purchased on of these machine 2nd hand a few years ago. Since day one it's been notifying to empty the internal drip tray every 3 coffees. My wife is the only coffee drinker in the house. She only has a cappuccino and the total volume of coffee, milk, and froth in her cup is 250ml, and she has only one a day.
There's about 300ml of liquid in the internal drip tray every time it asks it to be emptied (and 3 pucks in the dreg container), which I gather may be from the self clean process. The internal drip tray draw has a total volume of 500mls (to the brim). I've been checking it daily lately and it is certainly emptying 100ml into the drip tray each use. It does seem a lot.

I'm wondering if there's something we're missing with it's setup that is causing this emptying frequency? Or is something causing more water to be used in the self cleaning process? I understand this machine should go up to 10 or 11 coffees before needing the drip tray emptied? I added the Gaggia Babila machine to the title as it seems it is the same machine as the Exprelia Evo, just no longer made by Philips.

Just wondering if anyone has any advice for us?