Extraordinary Coffee truffles at Coffee Fest Seattle!

:grin: Hello Coffee People....
My mom and I own a chocolate truffle business in Seattle and we are excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at Coffee Fest this weekend! I notice there are several of you who will be there, so please stop by and sample our exquisite product. Our Crushed Coffee Bean and Espresso truffles are truly extraordinary....and they are hand~made by my mother, which makes them even better. :) I look forward to sampling new products too and taking advantage of the meeting & greeting scene.


Coffee Truffle Mama
Extraordinary Coffee Truffles info...

Hi Coffee Goddess,

Thanks for your interest! Indeed, our Coffee Truffles are intriguing and delicious.....they are certainly hot items at Coffee Fest this weekend. Our truffles are hand~made fresh to order, free of any preservatives, and the shelf life is 2 to 2.5 weeks. We are a local company (Seattle). Please visit us online at www.miettetruffles.com for more details. You are welcome to e-mail me directly and I am happy to send you wholesale pricing. Our web site will navigate you to my e-mail address.

Thanks again!

CTM :grin:

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Oct 19, 2003
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Hey CTM:

Welcome aboard :) . Hope you enjoyed the old Coffee Fest 8) Didn't make it this year...Had to wash my hair :D ...Anyway that's great...Ummm Chocolate!!!! I've viewed your site, very interesting. PM me, maybe there's someway we can help one another... 8)