Fair Trade Only...Is it possible?


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Jul 8, 2004
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Good Idea

Chelle said:
I am considering offering an organic, Fair Trade flavor of the day,

Ok, let's expand upon this thinking, it's going the right direction. There is always at most 1 or 2 specials offered, they are either based upon being a unique/unusual mixture, or the price is what makes it stand out. Why not offer more then one of these not so much as being a new fangled gadget, but as a new roast all together. So, you have your base bean, give them a special option using the same tactics, but using the roasts themselves as the option.

Here we are, going to a place that has like 9900 roasts on display ready to order, and the most choice you have is caf or decaf, come on, something is missing in this picture.

Anyway, to stop ranting, you see what I mean and why, standing out may indeed mean, actually standing out and putting forth and original effort to do so.,
Can anyone guess the number one flavor at Ben & Jerry's scoop shops? (this will lead back to coffee - trust me). Vanilla.

Yep. For all the funk & chunks that made those chubby Vermont boys famous and rich, plain old vanilla is the number one seller. Why?

People stand in line and look at the board with how ever many flavors they have. There are 3 people in line in front of them. THey keep looking. Two people ahead in line. Still no decision. One person. Sweat starts to bead up. Oh-mi-gawd it is their turn to order. Panic. Vanilla. Ahhhhhh.

If you offer too much variety, you're going to cause mental anguish for your customers and drive volume to your regular coffee. It is only after you get a loyal customer base that they will start to experiment.

Seriously, who had a macchiato on their first walk into an espresso bar? Most people think it is named after that boy who stared in Karate Kid or those red cherries you find on ice cream Sundaes.

Start with less than a billion things on the menu. As you get to know your customers and they get to know you, then go Carl Sagan on them.