FEEDBACK NEEDED - Instant coffee and latte art product


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Feb 19, 2019
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Hi all,
We are a Canada-based startup that is exploring an innovative product concept - instant coffee and latte art. Our product will look like a disk/capsule with an image on. User puts the disk on the liquid (coffee/latte) in the mug, the disk dissolves leaving the image (art) atop the drink. See attached illustration.
These disks will be made from safe, low calorie, long shelf life material. The image on it will be printed with a thin layer of multicolor chocolate. This product will offer a large variety of coffee/latte art images that save baristas time required to create latte art from scratch.
Please let us know if this is the product you will be interested in. What will be the key considerations to use this product (ex. price, speed at which disks dissolve, disk/chocolate flavour, etc.)?
Thanks for all your help! Latte art.jpg

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