First Cup Of Exotic Espresso


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May 21, 2009
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:) I felt it really heartening to talk about the experience of first time I had a true espresso. It was many years ago but the memory is still fresh in my mind like the freshness of a coffee whether espresso or any coffee! The aroma it gives while preparing lingers for a while and settles in your sense for your taste buds to activate and finally when you drink the espresso the feeling is divine and complete. Creamy, piping hot and rejuvenating. I had my first espresso with my mother at a road side espresso joint in Mumbai. Coffee is a favorite of my mom and she explained to me the difference between ordinary coffee and a espresso showing the fully automatic machine wonderfully churning out the most exotic espresso coffees cup after cup. Since then I have come a long way drinking different flavored coffees, :eek: making good coffee and still enjoying the espresso to the hilt. Whether it is espresso, filtered drip, French press, or an Italian stove top that brews right at your table over a small flame, espresso is the right choice for the coffee lovers.

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