First post, opening a shop, need roaster help...


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Feb 24, 2005
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Hey everyone its great to find a place where business owners are so helpful. My issue is that I am very interested in purchasing a monster coffee micro-roaster, it seems perfect for what I want to do. The problem is I live nowhere near Seattle where they are based out of and NEED to be able to taste the coffee their machine produces before I make my final decision.

My potential coffee shop will hopefully be located in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. If there is anyone that is currently using this machine that is maybe within 5-6hrs of Hampton Roads, and doesn't mind me taking a trip to research this product, I would love to visit you!!

I have alot of questions and this one is at the top of the list right now. I have to be absolutely sure that this machine will sustain my business as well as produce an excellent cup of coffee. Any help would be much appreciated!


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Mar 8, 2005
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Did you ever have any luck getting some more info and/or a taste test on the beans from Monster coffee roasters? I too am trying to start a coffee shop in N.C. and feel that the Monster roasters are the best fit for my needs and my budget, but do not know of anyone in the area who is using or has used one. Did you find anything that may have changed your mind on purchasing their equipment? :)


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Aug 14, 2003
Boca Raton
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First off you might want to read the archives on this subject...I am not going to go into details cuz it usually starts fights around here....As to droping in and sample coffee they just roasted...wont needs to de-gas. Talk to NW Java He used to use monster but now uses a Diedrich(I believe) oh well good luck. Check out some of the drum roasters...they are not as expensive as you might think.
I used to own a 2 kilo kicked ass!!!


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Aug 11, 2004
North Georgia, USA
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I'd talk to Sivetz. My monster roaster is high maintenance. It's all about air flow and there are at least five different things that have to be monitored to get a good roast. I blew a thermal probe and replaced it, blew the main controller board and replaced it , I'm on my second roasting chamber, second power cord, second chaff screen. All this and the roaster isn't even a year old yet!

But the real kicker is that it only roast 1.3 lbs per batch, so if you are running a shop, then you will exhaust yourself trying to keep the roaster going.

What you need is a larger, production roaster that can roast a batch size big enough to satisfy the crowds of people that regularly frequent your shop. Then, use the smaller monster roaster to do custom batches and generally put on a show to entertain folks.

For that matter, you could buy bulk from a local roaster to satisfy the larger demand.

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Oct 19, 2003
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Yeah, where in the heck is NW Java. I haven't heard from him in while. I guess since he got a real roaster (oops), I mean drum roaster he's too busy to come out and play :twisted: I might suggest that you do visit a drum roaster and purchase some from them. As for Moster, you might want to contact them and ask if they have any customers in your area that are using their table top roasters. Then compare the drum vs their hot air roasting and judge for yourself. As for
adenosine_blocker come by and visit us sometime and I'll be happy to roast coffee for you... :wink:


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Nov 8, 2004
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I use a Diedrich IR3 and I am going to be buying a 15 or 20 kilo Diedrich sometime this late summer or early fall. It is in my humble opinion the best drum roaster out there and it, the IR3, will do 5lb + batches every 12 to 15 minutes all day long!

I can't say enough good about it!