Flavia s300 Service Question


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Jun 15, 2006

I have a Flavia s300 machine that is not under a service contract. I need to do 2 things :-

1. Adjust the amount of water it vends

2. Adjust the vend price

I can not track down the info on how to do this anywhere, it seems to be a hidden flavia secret how to put the machines into service mode and make these adjustments.

Does anybody know how to do it?




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Jun 15, 2006
I have found out how to change the vend price. I'll note it here so that if anybody else it searching they can hopefully find it.

How to change the vend price on a Flavia S300 coffee machine :-

1. Make the sure the free vend switch is set to PAY.
2. Turn the power off and open the door
3. Hold Down then Coffee Button
4. Turn on the power
5. After a few seconds you can let go of the Coffee Button.

The machine is now in a mode where it shows the number of drinks vended split by chargeable and free. You can press the Tea button to move to the next display page.

6. Use the Tea button to move to the point where it shows the number of free drinks vended.
7. Turn the switch from PAY to FREE
8. Press the Tea button.

The Machine is now in a state where it shows the amount of cash received (not tokens), (Press Tea to move from the title to the actual amount)

9. Press Tea again and it will move the machine into change price mode, (Press it a second time to see the current price).
10. Use the Coffee and Choco buttons to change the price.
11. Switch from FREE to PAY
12. Close the door

Hope that helps somebody else.



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