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Jan 19, 2005
Syracuse, NY
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Up until this point I have done mostly single origin and organics. But one of my potential customers is really interested in the flavors french vanilla and hazelnut. Flavored coffee is not ont of my specialties.

Any recommendations on how to approach this? Syrup vendors? Methods in brewing or roasting? What beans should I use.

Thanks for your pondering...

matt :D
It's simple, go out and purchase the flavoring agents. Keep it separated from your coffee area. Whenever they ask for it, take however much coffee they have ordered and mix it up with the flavoring.

Make sure to then put that coffee in resealable plastic bag and give it to you customer on the spot. Throw away any disposable plastic measuring cups used and any bags used to do the mixing. Make sure the waste is properly disposed of and never makes it to the area of where your unflavored coffee is stored.

Never brew any flavored coffee in your machines and never grind flavored coffee in your regular bulk grinders. Keep one bulk grinder just for flavored coffee. This will keep any contamination from happening. The flavoring for coffee is very intense and it doesn't take much to ruin any unflavored coffee it comes contact with or has a chance sit by it.

So keep your flavoring in a different part of the shop. Never flavor coffee unless you have a customer who is willing to buy it.