FOR SALE: Ambex YM-2 Roaster 2016


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Jun 13, 2019
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Like new 2016 Ambex YM-2 coffee roaster. Mint condition and only roasted about 200 lbs through it.
Seperate chaff colector
profile software
The chrome shines
the paint like new
and it's time to sell :(
set up for propane but easy conversion to gas
does 2 kilos per bath so perfect for a shop
Paid $10,000 a little over 2 years ago

Asking $7,000

New Price $6,300.00

New New price $5900.00 :)

Photos to follow in a day or two Pm me if you want them faster
If you looking for a like new roaster thats at a used price this is it

Thank you
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