FOR SALE: Deidrich fully automated IR 12 w/ Selkirk afterburner


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Aug 6, 2012
Moka Joe coffee roasters is selling our roaster it was bought new in 2002 it was a fully manual machine

2002 to 2005 we roasted approx 5k lbs. the first 3 years
2005 to 2008 we roasted approx 10 to 20k lbs.
2008 to 2012 we roasted approx 20 to 30k lbs.
2013 we sent roaster to Diedrich had them dissemble completely and rebuild and add their newest p.c based automation system.
2013 we added a selkirk built after burner same company that builds for probat.t-02 afterburner is such a great piece of equipment it is very fuel efficient since it is tuned to increase heat with the roaster and only heat as needed
2013 to january 2015 we roasted approx 25k it has been in storage since
I am the owner and roaster i have roasted over a million lbs in my career on a few different machines and this has been the most fun to use it is a great roaster. If you want custom roasts and ultimate control this the machine for you Over the years we have had it in service we only were down 1day for around 2 hours .tech support at Deidrich is great to deal with .we sent pictures and they told us to check a probe which might have come loose and it was we were up and roasting in a couple hours.
To buy new this system would be around 75k
I will offer training and consulting with the purchase of the roaster included in the price below
We are asking $47,000 .
We are located in Washington State
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