FOR SALE: JYR (TJ-067) 1 kg electric roaster

Jan 23, 2020
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i'm new to the forum, and have a 1 kg roaster for sale. This model is a North roaster, I figure its about 5 or 6 years old. Its a pretty high quality machine, very solid, and definitely a commercial or serious hobbyist machine.

It requires 240v 15amp circuit, which is great for roasting inside your home (I've set up the system to exhaust port through a window) and is complete with pid (temp controller) timer, variable speed fan and heat adjustment switches, and lightning connector for datalogging. I'm the third owner.

It roasts excellent coffee, and has an oversized cyclone chaff collector. The roaster heats up in less than 10 minutes, and can definitely take a full charge (I've read that 1.25kg is possible on this machine, although I haven't done it myself)

The newer Mill St model retails for 7000 u.s. I'm asking 3700 and will ship it, and will crate/palletize it. At that price, you can either happily roast away in your garage until old age, or try to make a serious go at roasting and selling coffee. I'm only selling this because i found a good deal on a Diedrich 15 pound roaster (way too much for me, but it's something to grow into)

Email me at agratlAT hotmaiL DOT com for more info, or call me at 604-773-4946 (or on whatsapp at the same number)