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Sep 24, 2008
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In August I bought a USRC sample roaster. I went to OKC and trained on the machine and then brought it back home. Our first two installers for our roasting equipment fell through and everything set idle for a month and a half. Then I decided to convert the sample roaster to propane and vent out the back door and roast anyway. I bought the conversion kit from USRC and installed it with help from my mechanic neighbor.

This is where my issues come began. We were able to get the igniter to spark but didn't get the unit to light.

As of last week my other roaster has been installed and we are starting to roast on it. I have decided to part with the sample roaster. I estimate it would cost me around $200 to have my contractor/installer to get it going. I paid $4995 for the unit and $30 for the gas conversion kit. I have bought all the brass couplers to attach the unit to LP. I bought 11 ft. of stainless steel auto exhaust house (2 inch diameter) to use for venting.

I am offering it for sale, as is, for $4800 to be picked up in Indianapolis.

You will get one USRC 1 lb. sample roaster, the conversion kit to take it back to natural gas should you so desire, all the brass couplers that have been attached, a LP regulator and hose and 11 ft. of stainless steel auto exhaust piping to vent to the outdoors through a window or under a garage door. If you are brave enough to haul a full propane tank back with you in your vehicle, I will toss that in too. I also have the book USRC gave me with wiring diagrams and information on the parts used should you ever need to replace them years from now.

So if you are the handy sort (and from reading posts I can tell that many of you are) this may be the machine for you. No six week wait for a new machine.

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Oct 19, 2003
Seattle,Washington USA
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Is your sample roaster still available? If so, have you had any offers? We may be interested but we are not local to you. We are located in the Seattle area and we would have to discuss negotiating the price since there will be shipping involved. We run on propane so we would not have to make any changes to the fuel supply.

Please feel free to contact me.

Thank you,