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Sep 13, 2020
St Petersburg, FL
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Like New - Prox Pack weigh fill machine with foot pedal and brand new stir rod
Asking $5,000 obo.

Great for ramping up production and streamlining packaging time.
- Designed to be loaded on a commercial countertop - No special rack system needed.
- Food grade stainless steel throughout (USA, not Chinese steel).
- Wide-mouth hopper makes it easy to load and clean/sanitize.
- Foot pedal/ foot switch operated, releases exact measured amount as programmed
- Weight accurate to 1/10th gram - Programmable for grams, or pounds.
- Power: 110 plug, no special air/power requirements
- Includes hoppers, funnels, wiring, foot pedal, manuals and brand new stir rod.

Weight approx 250lbs. (empty)
Length: Base machine 24 inches (counter depth),
- Note additional 8 inches for discharge funnel/spout (see photos) for dispensing product into packaging
Width: 18 inches
Height: 50 inches (fully assembled)

Offering a $300 incentive for Local Pickup! (St Petersburg, FL)
Requires freight due to size/weight. Additional cost/quote will be provide based on your location (to including crate, shipping & insurance). No international shipping.

Open to offers.
I also have a continuous band sealer, if interested. Thanks!


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Hi folks! :giggle:
This is back on the market. Feel free to reach out with questions, offers, etc.

Weigh and fill is in storage in St Pete, FL.
If you cannot do a local pickup, then I can help you coordinate a crate & shipping service to your location.
OMG. I would have killed to have that when we were talking! All good. Insurance ponied up for a brand new action pac. That being said. Whoever grabs this prox pack is lucky at that price. I bought one 11 years ago and ran it 6 days a week. The reason I do not have it anymore is because it sadly was run over by a car. If I had room for a 2nd machine I would grab it in a heartbeat. Good luck selling it.
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hahaha yea this thing was definitely designed to last... It's barely used, so whoever acquires it will get a hell of a deal. LMK if you hear of anyone who wants to upgrade their packing a-game ;)