Francis Francis X1 tripping GFI - can't use it


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Aug 31, 2004
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Hello -

I have a FrancisFrancis X1 - the old boiler model. I have had it for approximately 8 months. In the past couple of weeks another person has been using it as well and has tripped the relay in the machine and the GFI in my kitchen trying to make coffee while still at the steam temperature. Everytime this has happened the machine works fine after the temp is returned to normal.

This morning I went to make coffee and to my dismay the machine tripped as soon as I turned the coffee warm-up switch on - never even getting to brewing. The light comes on for one second then the machine shuts off and the GFI trips.

Any tips or ideas?
It might be the espresso machine is drawing too much power quickly. Moving your espresso machine to another location might help, look for a power outler farther from the sink.