Francis x1 - coffee and milk not hot enough - help please


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Oct 9, 2004
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Just got an old-style x1 from ebay. The water heats up to 100 degrees, but by the time I pour 2 cups it is down to 80, and when I add milk the coffee is just not hot enough. What am I doing wrong.

Similar problem when steaming milk for cappucino. The directions say to use cold milk, but the milk should get hot when steamed, shouldn't it? My milk bubbles but stays quite cool and doesn't make much foam, even though the thermometer shows 140 degrees.

I was told there are 3 baskets for varying levels of crema. I have number 2, which they said was the middle and is suitable for most uses. Is this correct, or do I need to buy the number 1 and 3 baskets as well?

Thank you for any advice.


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Sep 11, 2004
Little Rock, AR
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First of all, I have never owned a Francis, but...

Preheat your cups.
Probably can't get more than two and a half oz of espresso out of it at a clip.
Cold milk is helpful for more powerful machines (gives one more time to play) but not required here.
Try getting the milk to 155.
Came with pressurized, single, and double basket. I suggest pressurized for ease at the begining, but suggest the non-pressurized double might be the best if you have a grinder and tamper. Don't know which basket you really have.

Try here ... sfrancisx1
for more info.