FrancisFrancis X3 spits water while making an espresso !

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May 12, 2007
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a few days ago we received a FrancisFrancis X3 Classic, our first espressomachine ! :D

Making the first espresso was no problem at all, the water poured through the pad and dripped in our coffee cup. But since then we''ve made about a dozen espresso''s and this is what happens : the first few seconds the water pours quite normally through the coffeepad and into our cup. But after those few seconds the water doesn''t pour put spits through the pad, along with lots of steam! Really enoying and frustrating ! in the end our cup is full, but the desk on which the machine rests too ! :evil:

Anybody any idea what happens? Is something wrong or broken ?


I would check to see if there is a rubber gasket where you are locking the portafilter in, if so, is there something lodged there which prevents a proper seal?

If its still under warranty, I would start making phone calls.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

Good Luck!
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well, the sealing is in place and doing its job. The steam escapes through the - how do you call it - nozzle (?) where water should appear. So it's like the steam has found a way to escape via the nozzle.

As the machine was a gift from someone who won it in a contest, I've got to inform if it still has some warranty.

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